Overview of smart industry

Smart Industry Group focuses on the industrial layout of "one map, one network and one ecology" (one map for the whole country, one network for business linkage, and smart services for the whole ecology) to help build digital cities. Starting from communities, it realizes industrial innovation, business form innovation and model innovation in traditional industries through technological empowerment, and builds a three-level platform system from community operation to social governance and then to digital city management. Also it provides one-stop solutions for community livelihood, social governance and urban management, and assists government departments, enterprises and institutions in achieving accurate data, fine services and accurate management.

The Group has made further efforts in frontier areas such as AI and IoT solutions, intelligent management and control platform, and big data operation, and built "three platform systems", i.e. smart city big data platform, smart property management platform, and urban strategy operation platform. It has integrated property management, community new retail, direct purchase from places of origin, central kitchen, hotel and catering, automobile service, commercial operation and other self-owned business forms, and built an online and offline bidirectional intelligent community industrial ecological model to facilitate the construction of local convenient living circles, which have been implemented in Shandong, Hebei, Hainan and other places.

Technology helps build a smart city, and service helps create a better life. In the future, Smart Industry Group will expand diversified smart city characteristic services and endeavor to become a first-class comprehensive service provider for building smart cities in China. It will strive to make social governance efficient and accurate, help SMEs reduce costs and increase efficiency, promote people's smart and convenient life, and contribute to the construction of digital China.



  • New High-tech Enterprise

    New High-tech Enterprise

  • CMMI


  • A-level qualification as specialized contractor of electronic and intelligent engineering

    A-level qualification as specialized contractor of electronic and intelligent engineering

  • A-level qualification as specialized contractor of electronic and intelligent engineering

    A-level qualification as specialized contractor of electronic and intelligent engineering

Core advantages


Key technologies


 Highly trusted federated intelligent dynamic big data analysis

High-performance stream processing engines for complex differences in different task processing were developed to improve the computing efficiency and memory utilization of the processor. Based on the platform monitoring mechanism, platform operation time sensing and load prediction plans were developed, and the allocation of computing resources was optimized based on the research of reinforced learning resource scheduling strategy.
 Dynamic decision-making of digital city operation driven by parallel twin

According to the data law and the event logic relationship found in the evolution process, the "Event Logic Knowledge Graph" was designed, which was used as the underlying semantic and logical support, and the "parallel data theory and method" was proposed to optimize big data intelligent dynamic decision-making. The principle can be summarized as follows: “A decision sequence is generated by dynamically evaluating the possible outcomes of the target to be optimized in each parallel world, and the dynamic optimal decision is made by comparing and combining each dynamic decision sequence with the decision algorithm library.”
 Multidimensional fusion analysis of deep spatio-temporal correlation

In specific decision-making tasks, multi-modal data and multi-level fusion mechanism can carry out data-level fusion, feature-level fusion and task-level fusion for data of various modes, and fully utilize information in various modes to provide basic plans and higher-dimensional feature data for intelligent decision-making.

Product system


Smart city big data platform

As smart city top-level architecture design, it supports the fine management, accurate decision-making and precise service of cities


City Strategy -- Lead new lifestyle, attitude and habits as city vitality catalyst and intelligent life assistant

·Direct handling of government affairs
"Offline Visit" is changed to "Online Handling"-- Handling at Home, Handling on Mobile Apps, Handling by Fingertips

·Local life
·Food and Beverage Retail, Medical Treatment and Health, Transportation, Convenience Inquiry, Real Estate Agency

·Smart property management
·Online Payment, Reporting and Request for Repair, Ticket Management, Vehicle Management, Information Release

·Happy neighborhood
·Smart Party Building, Community Activities, Neighbors' Talk, Charity and Public Welfare

Smart property management platform

The intelligent building property management system design empowers the smart management, thoughtful services, cost reduction and efficiency of property enterprises.

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