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Make innovation in China's agricultural machinery technology
Strengthen offshore oil and gas technology

The ecological chain is laid out centering on scientific and technological R&D. Amidst the efforts in enhancing the scientific and technological level of the industry, all processes are constantly improved to form an integrated agricultural service platform and high-end marine equipment industrial park. While manufacturing high-end products, we serve users sincerely and strive to create more and more practical agricultural machinery and marine equipment products. Be a helper for cities and make contribution to the country's prosperity and people's peace.

Typical cases
  • Dima Feilong Self-propelled Corn Harvester

    ·It is hydraulically driven with large driving force, and is reliable, durable, and easy to operate·It has a low-angle cutting platform, can compete harvesting without dropping sticks, and can deal with the harvesting of fallen and disaster-affected corn··It has a low angle roller-type peeling machine, which has high stripping rate and produces little damage to fruit cluster··The product won the Technology Innovation Award of the Year of China Agricultural Machinery, Shandong Famous Brand and Sh

  • Dima Wolf Warrior Spike and Stem Harvesting Corn Harvester

    ·It can pick corn and spike, remove straw from the field and crush and recycle it in the field at one time·With a vertical cutting platform, it has good raw spacing applicability, and can realize non-row harvesting·It is hydraulically driven with high transmission efficiency, and is equipped with Beidou positioning system for remote control, leading the technology forefront of the industry·It was included in the List of First Sets of Technical Equipment of Shandong Province and won the Bronze Aw

  • Dima Muwang Self-propelled Green Fodder Harvester

    · It can harvest the whole corn plant thanks to its new design · Equipped with patented dual-use remote control throwing canister, it realizes long-distance throwing of materials· With unique third-grade wolf-teeth-like feeding roller, it is suitable for harvesting a variety of ensilage crop operations· Its fodder cutting quality is nearly perfect, reaching the Dima pasture standard

  • Liquid nitrogen pump sled

    ·Special equipment for converting low-pressure liquid nitrogen into high-pressure nitrogen·Evaporator type: Direct combustion type and waste heat recovery type·Power transmission mode: Mechanical transmission, hydraulic drive·Power form: Diesel engine powered, electric engine powered

  • Marine all-hydraulic drilling rig

    ·It is mainly used for the development of offshore oil and natural gas resources·It is highly automatic, and it has a large drilling speed regulation scope, which can meet 1,000-7,000 m drilling·It is fully hydraulically driven, has a compact structure, occupies a small site area, and is easy to move and transport.

  • Hydraulic lifter

    ·The new workover equipment replaces the conventional workover platform, saving 70% of the cost·It is cost-saving as removal and installation can be completed by using existing platform crane and duty boat without large floating crane and tug·With modular design, it is easy to install, and its installation can be completed in 1 day