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Industrial Real Estate


It is born to create cities
It comes to bring a new life

It practices development model of "real estate +" "wisdom +" "life +", and provides comprehensive and all-fields life services. It takes the lead in realizing the full-life-cycle development mode of real estate investment, development, operation, management and operation, and integrates with big agriculture, big health and smart city. In addition, it subdivides the business module, and takes an enterprise path featuring "integration of industry and city" in the development mode of elderly care and health real estate, industrial real estate and urban industrial complex.

Typical cases
  • High-end residential community - Ruiyuan Mingjiahe Mansion

    Ruiyuan Mingjiahe Mansion is located in the central axis of the city. Standing above the center of Changjiang Road, it is at the foot of Lotus Hill in the north, adjacent to Tang Island Bay in the south, enjoying the ecology of mountain and sea. The projects is surrounded by three major business districts, and is close to the vertical and horizontal traffic network. The natural texture of Lotus Hill is extended in its landscape design, forming the landscape distribution of "one street, one axis and two parks", integrating natural ecology into life. The project embodies the craftsman's heart and cutting-edge thinking and takes "people-oriented, ecological and digital" its value orientation. It creates a new type of urban functional unit that leads the development and revitalizes the life style of a city.

  • Health and elderly care cultural tourism industry - Intelligent Health Center

    Targeting the aging trend, based on the elderly care and health cultural tourism services, and driven by Zhongkang medical care resources, the center builds a comprehensive elderly care cultural and tourism project that integrates tourism, housing, medical care, management, food, learning, discussion and entertainment functions, and truly ensures that the elderly have a place to live, can receive medical treatment, are taken care of, have food to eat, can learn at an old age and can have entertainment activities. The West Coast Health Center that covers all surrounding areas is gradually formed.

  • CBD Headquarters economic urban complex - Ruiyuan Mingjia International

    Ruiyuan Mingjia International is located in the CBD of West Coast New Area. With free and quality space and a systematic layout in which all business form resources are shared, it creates a new center of the city. The project extensively uses new technologies, new materials, new designs and new concepts, and has become a landmark urban complex on the West Coast. It has created a noble cover for the city.

  • Industrial real estate construction and operation - Shandong Industrial Robotics Park

    Shandong Industrial Robotics Park Project is a professional industrial park project initiated by Shandong Robotics Society, invested by Ruiyuan Holdings Group Co., Ltd., and developed and operated by Qingdao Huirong Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. Its investment promotion was jointly conducted by the above companies and the Development Zone Management Committee. The project, with a total investment of 3 billion yuan, is located in the west of Kunlunshan Road and the south of Fuchunjiang Road. The project has four industrial plots, and is developed in three phases. It covers a total area of approximately 15,4667 ㎡, with a planned total construction area of 400,000 ㎡. The project has three parks, namely Ruizhi Park, Huizhi Park and Rongzhi Park. Relying on the planning of "one axis, three parks and one center" and the three-level operation service system, the project has built a core high-quality development aggregation platform that integrates "production, learning, research, government departments, service and application". With robots as the forerunner industry, the project will drive the efficient aggregation of artificial intelligence and industrial Internet industries, cultivate and expand urban specialized industrial clusters, and strive to become a robot industry cluster area with greater influence in the north of the Yangtze River.