Industrial Structure

Financial Services


Play the role of platform aggregation
develop new financial instruments and lead the transformation and upgrading of the regional economy

Led by the "finance + industry" model, Ruiyuan gathers advantages such as private capital and brand resources. With the help of mechanism vitality, it promotes the economic transformation and upgrading of the new area through capital operation and comprehensive finance, and gradually forms a one-stop full industry chain integrating "investment, finance, loan, insurance and service" and full-life-cycle financial services. The company also makes use of its fund advantage to cooperate with the powerful enterprises in the new area, and actively participate in the investment, construction and operation of major projects.

Typical cases
  • Equity investment

    The company is committed to giving full play to its fund advantages and professional team advantages to boost the development of the real economy in the Chinese market by means of risk-bearing venture capital investment. It has invested in high-end equipment manufacturing, cross-border e-commerce, commercial aerospace, medical devices, biomedicine and other fields, with an investment scale of more than billions. Additionally, it is making active efforts in exploring the cooperation and developme

  • Supply chain finance

    The company actively responds to the national policy of supporting the development of SMEs, and is equipped with a team of professional factoring financial talents to build a one-stop financial factoring service platform. Relying on the transaction scenarios of central government-owned enterprises and listed companies, the company uses its best efforts to provide customized financing solutions for SMEs, and actively carries out supply chain finance services including receivables financing, inven