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With the health management of all age groups as the entry point, led by frontier disciplines such as preventive medicine, clinical medicine, rehabilitation medicine, and biomedics, and supported by digital technology, institutions, communities and homes are developed in an integrated way, and medical care and nursing care are deeply combined. By practicing national service standards and continuously optimizing service experience, the Group has a commitment to building itself into an international life, health and medical industry group from birth to death, from medical treatment to elderly care, from online to offline, and from comprehensive services to artificial intelligence.

Typical cases
  • Full-life-cycle health management

    The Group brings together authoritative experts, cutting-edge equipment, smart platforms and intelligent services, and continues to deepen the closed loop of health examination, health assessment and intervention, ultra-early/early tumor screening, rehabilitation and health care. It is committed to providing comprehensive health management services for individuals, families and enterprises to bring health into life.In 2015, it was listed in the new OTC stock market (National Equities Exchange and Quotations) and successively won the Top Ten Popular Brands in China Physical Examination Center industry, China Health Management Demonstrative Base, Top Ten Private enterprises in Shandong Province Medical Care and Health Industry, Integrity Construction Demonstrative Enterprise of Shandong Province, Shandong famous brand, and has obtained the Inspection Laboratory Certificate issued by the National Health Commission for many years in a row.

  • "CCSS" system of elderly care service

    Adopting the new model of "combination of medical and elderly care", upholding the service concept of "continuous care, elegant quality, healthy and happy life", featuring "one butler, three secretaries", the system is equipped with advanced medical rehabilitation equipment and professional nursing teams to meet the diversified needs of the elderly. Awards: National Smart Health and Elderly Care Demonstrative Enterprise Famous Service Brand of Shandong Province Demonstrative Entity Combining Medical and Elderly Care of Shandong Province .Top 10 Brands of Health and Elderly Care Service in Shandong Province .More than 210 national, provincial, municipal and district level honors such as high-quality brand of Shandong Province

  • Biotechnology empowered precision medicine

    Qingdao Zhongkang Nengyuan Cell is the key introduced project in the "investment promotion and talent introduction" health industry in Qingdao. The laboratory of Zhongkang Nengyuan Cell Biotechnology Co., Ltd. has a high standard 1,500㎡ "B+A" clean room, which meets the CAP, GMP and AABB design requirements. It is equipped with advanced instruments and equipment such as the top-notch NuAire type A2 biosafety cabinet, Mérieux double-temperature microbial detector and BD flow cytometer, and has strict SOP operating procedures and quality control system. It can effectively ensure cell activity and preparation quality, and realizes standardized and intelligent management of cell resources. The core storage device is the first 5G automatic deep-temperature honeycomb biological sample storage system in Shandong, which enables whole-process automated operation from incoming to outgoing of samples. It realizes unattended and remote monitoring, significantly improves the quality, efficiency and security of cell storage, and conducts strict management for each "spark of health".