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Relying on intelligent technologies such as UAV inspection, geographic information remote sensing and intelligent inspection, the whole-cycle, whole-link and all-round ecosystem (water conservancy, municipal works, survey and mapping, design, architecture, foundation, decoration, port and navigation, bridge, mechanical and electrical installation, drawing review, UAV +, environmental engineering, BIM whole-process management) can be formed around the project construction.

Typical cases
  • Qingdao Dagu River Embankment Project

    Dagu River runs through the north and south of Qingdao, across four cities and one district, and is the "mother river" of Qingdao. The construction contents of Qingdao Dagu River Embankment Project (engineering class II, embankment level 2) include standard embankment construction, river dredging, river revetment, sluice gate through the embankment, etc.

  • New Chengnan Senior High School in Qingdao West Coast New Area

    It is located in Qingdao West Coast New Area, west of South Zhushan Road, north of Xianggongshan Road and south of Yueyahe Road. The total construction area is approximately 78,000 ㎡, which can accommodate 2,400 students, meeting the needs of standard full boarding high school for 48 classes. With BIM platform as the carrier, "Internet +" as the means, and intelligent construction as the goal, the project uses the "Internet +BIM+ intelligent" collaborative management system based on 5G network and BIM technology, and sets up a panoramic real-time monitoring platform on the site. Through optimization scheme, dynamic construction scheduling, innovative construction technology and other parts, whole-process project quality control was achieved. Awards: Demonstration Base of Safe, Civilized and Standardized Construction of Qingdao . Second Prize of Construction QC Group Achievement Competition of Shandong . ·A notice of commendation was circulated for the project by Qingdao West Coast New Area in the whole-area construction-in-progress quality inspection in Q1 2021 .Second Prize of the Second BIM Competition of Construction Industry held by China Association of Construction Enterprise Management . ·First Prize in the "China State Construction Bayi Cup" First Construction Industry BIM Application Competition of Shandong Province

  • Tianji Sharp Eye UAV Intelligent Application System

    The "1+3+N" service mode (i.e., 1 data base, 3 support platforms, N service applications) is adopted to deeply integrate UAV service with urban management, public security, marine, environmental protection, emergency response, agriculture and forestry and other business scenarios, and establish a whole-process closed-loop application mode of UAV application service. It provides a new solution for urban management, urban security, urban emergency, social governance and other needs. At present, the system platform has been put into use in many cities with remarkable results achieved.

  • UAV Police Combat Platform

    Police-enterprise collaboration was conducted with a public security bureau, which focused on the intelligent, professional and real combat development direction of the police UAV. Through the collaboration, the Ruiying Police Aviation Combat Platform was created to serve the actual combat scenarios in investigation and crime fighting, large-scale security, traffic management, petrochemical area control, police situation handling, anti-terrorism and riot control, public security patrol, emergency rescue, anti-drug inspection, marine oil spill patrol and monitoring, and other fields.