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The development concept with community as the body, technology as the core, and industry as the wing is upheld. Three platforms, namely "Smart City Big Data Platform", "Smart Property Management Platform" and "Urban Strategy Operation Platform" have been formed, and a "smart city closed-loop ecosystem" featuring accurate and efficient social governance, cost reduction and efficiency increase for SMEs, and smart and convenient life for people has been built. Our smart services will help build a government service network with good governance and great wisdom, and form a smart service circle that is convenient for the people and beneficial to enterprises.

Typical cases
  • Smart government affairs: Direct handling of government affairs

    The cloud platform for direct handling of government affairs jointly developed by Windaka Technology Co., Ltd. and the West Coast New Area Administrative Approval Service Bureau is a powerful practice of exploring and innovating the reform of government affairs services. The demand-oriented platform that takes convenience and efficiency as its principle creates a new "cloud-based direct handling" mode of government services based on actual work. This platform covers three subsystems, i.e. cloud-based handling office hall, cross-region general handling, and cloud investigation.

  • Smart city: CIM platform for West Coast New Area

    Through such technical means as 3D visualization, satellite remote sensing interpretation, video structured analysis, intelligent hardware for the IoT, the intelligent management platform based on smart city management is built. With the three-level urban management system of urban management bureau, street office and neighborhood committee as the foundation, a new mode of smart city management is built. This mode integrates perception, analysis, decision-making, command and supervision. Through participation at multiple levels, urban management is deeply integrated with social governance.

  • Intelligent police: Holographic sensing aggregation platform

    The holographic sensing aggregation platform is deployed in sensor networks, which mainly realizes data aggregation, analytic identification, basic element management and operation and maintenance detection. All kinds of data from communities, government functional departments and public security areas are aggregated into the sensor networks. Such data is transmitted to the municipal public security bureau platform through the holographic sensing aggregation platform, and then pushed to the existing application module of the skynet of sub-bureaus. Additionally, data sharing interfaces are provided for the district comprehensive administration department, the relevant functional departments of the district, and all the communities and villages.