LUZE Overview About Luze


Founded in 1989, Qingdao Luze Group Co., Ltd. is the first registered comprehensive real estate development enterprise in the west coast of Qingdao, which has the qualification for national level-1 real estate development. In the diversified enterprise chain of Ruiyuan Holdings, it undertakes the mission of "take real estate development as the platform to gather the Group's superior resources for common development". Now it has formed the "Luze Development Model" with Luze Group as the core drive that promotes the common development of multiple brands.

As a wave rider in the post-development era of real estate, Luze Group, while making quality its core competitiveness, has gradually developed into a specialized, refined, standardized and intelligent company through business expansion and transformation and upgrading. By making improvement in services in smart home, green ecology and the whole life cycle of housing maintenance and repair, it has better adapted to the post-real estate era, and strives to complete the transformation into an urban integrated service provider.



  • A-level Qualification for the Real Estate Development

    A-level Qualification for the Real Estate Development