Overview of the headquarters


Amidst the rapid development of China's economy, Ruiyuan Holdings Group Co., Ltd. officially launched its global strategic planning, actively expand business presence, enhance its ability for achieving sustainable development, innovation capability, and risk resistance capability.

Under the opportunity of China's vigorous efforts to develop Hainan Free Trade Island, Hainan Regional Headquarters was officially established at the end of April 2021. By actively promoting all-round development in real estate, health, engineering, smart services and other fields in Hainan market, the regional headquarters has enhances the Group's influence in the south of China, and added important weight to Ruiyuan Holdings' national layout strategy.



Seek common development and win-win future, be responsible to employees, shareholders and society, and contribute to Ruiyuan's global development strategy.

Development strategy


Short-term strategy:

With Hainan as the center, the headquarters actively expands domestic and foreign real estate development, engineering construction, health and medical care and other markets, and accumulates certain popularity and customer resources.

Long-term strategy:

The headquarters adheres to the scale, professional, brand sustainable development strategy, is based in China and faces the world. It aims to develop the Group's business portfolios, break the management boundaries of the existing industrial groups, and drive the business outsourcing and implementation across the Group. Additionally, it will expand innovative businesses based on local and global resource endowments, achieve industrial chain extension and business breakthroughs, and create new engines and driving forces.