Platform overview


Partnership and entrepreneurship platform is an investment service and industry incubation platform built by Ruiyuan Holdings Group Co., Ltd. to gather talents, wisdom and strength of the whole society. It is also one of the important exploration and achievements on the path of transformation and development of the Group.

From the perspective of investors, and based on the partnership principles of "eased authorization, strict supervision and flexible application", the platform accelerates the cultivation of new industries through a variety of partnerships and market-oriented operation, and strives to realize the efficiency of scientific research achievements transformation and maximize the benefits.

The platform also sticks to the development goals "implementation of talent projects" and "industrialization of scientific research achievements". It attracts more outstanding talents and high-quality projects by means of "platform management + market operation", so as to achieve the steady improvement of existing industries, the sustainable development of new industries and the expansion of the Group's business presence.

Representative enterprises


Shide Engineering Inspection

The company has witness sampling, foundation, steel structure, main structure inspection, water conservancy inspection qualifications. Its inspection scope covers technical consultation and inspection of water conservancy engineering, construction engineering, highway engineering, municipal engineering, fire protection engineering, building material inspection, structural identification inspection, etc.

Minze Small Loan

The company promotes inclusive finance oriented towards SMEs, agriculture, rural areas and farmers. Its main business covers urban small loans, entrusted loans, equity investment, small business development, management and consulting in Qingdao.

Rizhao Yuding Trade

It is a large trade company that integrates the value-added business types such as purchase, sales and supply chain finance for energy, building materials and other categories. It has a diversified industrial layout and good ability to acquire rich resources in domestic and international trade.