Overview of intelligent manufacturing


Ruiyuan Holdings High-end Intelligent Manufacturing Group was integrated in 2021. Adhering to the mission of "take science and technology as the core creativity to promote the rapid development of national industry", the Group has made its presence and developed in agricultural machinery, marine equipment and other fields. In the process that China's economy is evolving to a stage of more advanced form, more complex division of work and more reasonable structure, it is an inevitable requirement to make greater efforts to develop high-end intelligent manufacturing industry to enhance core competitiveness of Chinese industry, which has important strategic significance to accelerate the transformation of economic development pattern and transform from a manufacturing power to a smart manufacturing power.


In the intensely competitive market, High-end Intelligent Manufacturing Group will continue to conduct scientific research seriously, make solid efforts to seek development, build high-quality team in specialized fields, stay true to its original intention, make greater endeavors, constantly strengthen its innovation capability, and contribute to the high-quality development of China's manufacturing industry.

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